Microsoft + Corelight partner to stop IoT attacks

When you hear the term “Internet of Things,” (IoT) do you picture home devices like lightbulbs, smart assistants, and wifi-connected refrigerators? Perhaps you think of enterprise devices like video conferencing systems, smart sensors, or security cameras? Or maybe traditional office equipment like VoIP phones, printers, and smart TVs come to mind. No matter what devices you imagine, IoT represents an ever-expanding attack surface. And when authorized or unauthorized IoT systems connect to your corporate network, they can provide an entry point for hackers.

To manage that growing attack surface, it’s important to understand all of the IoT systems in your environment. As the saying goes, “you can’t protect what you can’t see.” However, many organizations struggle to maintain an up-to-date inventory of all networked devices, let alone IoT devices.

Even when IoT devices are known or discovered, they often don’t support installation of security monitoring software like endpoint protection agents. The lack of security visibility into these unmonitored devices, combined with their sometimes questionable supply chain, represents a growing risk, especially for organizations embracing digital transformation through IoT.

Fortunately, the network provides a reliable source of security data for any connected device, no matter the type, managed or not. That’s why I’m excited to announce a new Corelight integration that was announced today at the Microsoft Ignite conference

Our new integration combines best-in-class network evidence from Corelight, with the advanced vulnerability management, detection and response capabilities of Microsoft Defender for IoT. The result is deeper insight into IoT footprint, behavior, and risk, as well as more efficient incident response.

Customers who have deployed Corelight will be able to secure their entire IoT and OT environments with Defender for IoT within minutes while benefiting from a full NDR solution for all other assets like workstations, servers, mobile devices, and cloud environments.

The integration will be available as a part of the public preview of Microsoft Defender for IoT scheduled for November 30. You can learn more about the integration by visiting our website, downloading the solution brief, or by attending our upcoming joint webinar with Microsoft.

by Ed Smith, Product Marketing Manager, Corelight


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