Network data for humans.

You don't need more alerts, most of them crying wolf and wasting your time. And you don’t need packet upon packet dumped on you indiscriminately. What you need is a unifying foundation that gives you the right amount of data at the right time, organized into highly actionable logs. We needed it too. That’s why we founded Corelight.

Manage hundreds of sensors with Corelight Fleet Manager.


virtual appliance

Deploys as a Linux package.


Manages up to 250 sensors.

Fast, multi-sensor configuration.

Corelight Fleet Manager gives you the ability to create custom configuration templates to define sensor settings such as input filters, export targets, export filters, and Zeek packages. Deploy new packages, system upgrades, and configuration templates in minutes to individual sensors, groups or across your entire fleet.

Group sensors to match your organization.

With Corelight Fleet Manager you can define custom sensor groups and assign user roles and access levels across your team, such as full admin level for operators or monitor level for reporting and visibility only.