New position brings new open source opportunities

Today marks the start of ZeekWeek, the annual conference for information technologists who rely on the open-source Zeek® network for security monitoring.

This year’s event holds special meaning for me as I’m joining Corelight to lead its open source strategy and in turn, serve as the new lead for this amazing conference. I look forward to exciting discussions, exploring innovations, connecting with old friends while making new ones. 

Why Corelight?

It’s an exciting time to be joining the company. As I mentioned in the formal announcement issued earlier today, I have always been drawn to mission-driven organizations and teams that are dedicated to strengthening the security of users across the Internet. I found that here at Corelight. 

We find ourselves at a crossroads with open source technology. Large companies continue to use open source but aren’t necessarily in a position to always supplement and support the broader open source community. So many companies use open source blindly, which needs to change as I believe it misses the overall purpose.

My vision for this new role is to help Corelight establish more relationships beyond the Zeek and Suricata communities and help to bridge the gap between open-source technologies and vendors in ways that are both visible and productive. I want to understand how Corelight can be a strong leader in supporting the growth of open source and the multitude of really amazing projects that are out there.

Bringing clarity to open source

There is an opportunity to demystify open-source technology in commercial projects. Open source can create so many unique opportunities for organizations at large, but there is still a lack of knowledge about how these projects really operate. The key for me is to truly understand these projects. I want to look broadly at open-source relationships and set Zeek and other communities up for success. 

I still hear the misconception that open-source practitioners are just enthusiastic hobbyists. That could not be further from the truth. I want to be a champion for open source and serve as a connector, innovator, cheerleader, and expert.

I am thankful to Corelight for this fantastic opportunity. We have much work ahead and I’m ready to start. If you are planning to be at ZeekWeek, please come say hello.

By Dr. Kelley Misata, Senior Director of Open Source, Corelight


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