Network data for humans.

You don't need more alerts, most of them crying wolf and wasting your time. And you don’t need packet upon packet dumped on you indiscriminately. What you need is a unifying foundation that gives you the right amount of data at the right time, organized into highly actionable logs. We needed it too. That’s why we founded Corelight.


Corelight Sensors

  • Physical
  • Virtual

As easy to use as it is powerful.

Take a peek at Corelight in action.

Case Study

Incident response up to 20x faster.

Education First is a global firm with 40,000 employees. After deploying Corelight Sensors, their security team saw incredible impact. The team needed a visibility and monitoring solution to provide real-time, actionable insight into network traffic spanning multiple business sites that each averaged approximately 1 Gbps of throughput.

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Corelight is the foundation for a modern security stack.

  • Network data as "ground truth" for security
  • Data-driven first, detection-driven second
  • High flexibility and easy repeatability

Corelight helps resolve security incidents faster. Find out how.

White Paper

An alert has fired. Now what?

Learn how Bro helps incident responders from resolve threats quickly from the moment they get a new alert.

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Got a SIEM? Make it better with Bro.

Bro is not another pane of glass or analytic stack. Instead it makes the stack you already have better. Whether you use Splunk, Elastic Stack, ArcSight, QRadar, Spark or just about anything else, ingesting Bro logs will give your threat hunters and incident responders more to work with.


Recent release features

Support for Corelight Fleet Manager

Corelight Fleet Manager streamlines the deployment, configuration, and administration of Corelight Sensors across an organization, supporting all of your sensors from a single console including a operational health dashboard, RBAC, customizable configuration templates, and sensor health and performance monitoring.

The Core Collection

Corelight Sensors now ship with the Core Collection, a family of Zeek packages curated and certified by Corelight for performance and stability that provide threat detection, data enrichment, and operational insight, such as SSL fingerprinting, port scanning detection, and the annotation of DNS host names to Zeek’s conn.log.