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Context is everything

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Analysts need answers when an alert fires

All SOC teams face the same challenge: workflows begin with an alert, but without supporting data.

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But they constantly hit dead ends

For example, Tier 1 analysts may not even have a timestamp to start with, and if they do make headway, the data they need is often missing or locked away.

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Linking evidence and alerts drives better, faster decisions

Corelight’s Suricata + Zeek integration provides rich, pivotable network data to everyone in the SOC. That way they can decide if they’re looking at a false positive, or an incident, with confidence.

Build custom defenses fast

Both Suricata and Zeek let you create solutions that fit your environment. You can purchase ET Pro directly from Corelight or add any open source ruleset you want, then feed the alerts into scripts you’ve written for event handling. This customization is fast, and has real security impact, like when it allowed our community to respond to Curveball in just one day. Read more on our blog

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Sharing Suricata and Zeek workloads on one CPU allows for elegant scaling and superior performance.

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