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          Announcing The New Corelight for Splunk App

          We’re proud to announce the Corelight for Splunk app is available!  Using the new app (and its associated Technology Add-on (TA)), you can now monitor the health and performance of Corelight Sensors in Splunk and explore the rich data Bro provides... Read more »


          Jan 2021: Sudo (CVE-2021-3156) The underling OS has a sudo that is vulnerable per this CVE. However users (including admin) can't access the underlying OS because of the appliance design. (In particular the diagnostic shell, which is the closest... Read more »

          The Corelight blog

          In the near future we’ll be starting a regular blog for Corelight. Our company, formerly known as Broala until the beginning of 2017, includes the creators and maintainers of the Bro open source network visibility framework. Read more »


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