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Aother day, another DCE/RPC RCE


CVE-2022-26809 was patched in Microsoft’s previous Patch Tuesday (April 12) and it’s a doozy: remote code execution on affected versions of DCE/RPC hosts. The vulnerability attracted a lot of attention in the security community, both because of its severity but also because it appears to be really hard to trigger...

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Detecting Windows NFS Portmap vulnerabilities


This month, Microsoft announced two vulnerabilities in portmap, which is part of ONC RPC, on Windows systems. This blog will discuss Zeek detection packages for CVE-2022-24491 and CVE-2022-24497 developed by Corelight Labs...

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Detecting CVE-2022-21907, an IIS HTTP Remote Code Execution vulnerability


In January 2022, Microsoft disclosed a remote code execution vulnerability for Internet Information Server (IIS) identified as CVE-2022-21907, which they have subsequently reported as wormable. Through Microsoft, Corelight Labs was able to review a...

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Detecting Log4j exploits via Zeek when Java Downloads Java


We have published an initial blog on the Log4j exploit and a followup blog with a second detection method for detecting the first stage of exploits occurring over LDAP.  Today, we will discuss a third detection method, this one focused on the second-stage download that happens after the first stage completes. In this case, the JVM will download...

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Detecting ​​Log4j via Zeek & LDAP traffic


We recently discussed some methods for detecting the Log4j exploit, and we’ve now developed another method that everyone running Zeek® or a Corelight sensor can use. Our new approach is based on the rarity of legitimate downloads of Java via LDAP. Zeek does not currently have a native LDAP protocol analyzer (though one is available if you are... 

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Simplifying detection of Log4Shell


Security workers across the world have been busy since last Friday dealing with CVE-2021-44228, the log4j 0-day known as Log4Shell, that is already being heavily exploited across the Internet. Given the huge number of systems that embed the... 

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