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Featured — The Corelight AP 3000 Sensor

Visibly better. Our highest performance sensor, the AP 3000 can handle up to 25 Gbps of monitored traffic. With our new Web UI, sensor deployment and management is even easier. Configure in minutes, and focus on what matters. See better and save time, at any scale.


The Corelight Virtual Sensor

The Corelight Virtual Sensor allows organizations to flexibly monitor traffic anywhere at speeds up to 2 Gbps using scalable configurations for VMware. Enable deep network visibility in any corner of your network, with Corelight.

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A modern UI that has you up and running in minutes.

Corelight's new streamlined and intelligent UI makes configuring, deploying, and managing Corelight Sensors even easier (it was already pretty quick). You can click to select inputs, output targets, and all the important settings to fit into your security stack quickly.
Corelight Sensor software

Incident response up to 20x faster.

Empower your security operations center with Bro's renowned network logs and efficient file extraction. Corelight Sensors transform network traffic into high-fidelity data to accelerate threat hunting, security incident response, and network forensics.

Data that’s more useful. Clearly.

In real time, we extract what really matters from the never-ending river of network traffic, transforming packets into actionable Bro logs designed by and for security professionals. Bro's unique logs makes it easy to reconstruct what happened and understand patterns, giving you nearly the context of PCAP, but with Netflow-like usability.

Out-of-the-box security insights.

Corelight Sensors come preloaded with a curated set of Bro packages that offer behavioral threat insights such as port scanning detection and useful operational info, such as notification of soon-to-expire SSL certificates.

See the full Core Collection of Bro packages.