Maximize your Splunk ES investment with Corelight

Are you looking to threat hunt but lack sufficient network and IDS data? Have you tried to accelerate your incident response process with better data, but run into dead ends that require data scientists or significant data model modification? Maybe you have been looking for an easy way to light up the built-in Splunk ES dashboards to easily get information from Splunk to your analysts?

Corelight has your “easy button.” Instead of needing to integrate data from multiple disparate sources on your network that weren’t designed for security, Corelight offers a single source of rich, CIM-compliant network data that feeds the most prevalent Splunk data models including:

  • Network traffic, Network Resolutions (DNS)
  • Network Sessions
  • Certificates
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Web
  • Email

Corelight Sensor, along with our Splunk App, provide scalable and stable network data that generates actionable insights for SOCs worldwide. These insights provide current and historic network intelligence that creates the strategic data reserve that is needed to investigate advanced intrusions. 

To learn more about the value of Corelight data and how it can maximize your Splunk technology investment, check out our tech brief:


Roger Cheeks - US-East Sales Engineer, Corelight



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