Corelight + Splunk

Splunk analytics plus Corelight evidence means you can do almost anything; uncover past attacks, thwart ones that haven’t happened yet, and much more.


Corelight evidence in Splunk

Learn how Corelight makes investigations faster in this example with DNS activity:

Replace the chaos of countless resources with a comprehensive single source for network evidence, for deep insights into your entire network and single step integration with your SIEM.


Pay for just the data you need

Our support team knows how to fine tune your solution so that you get value out of every byte. Talk to them now.


Corelight Labs & SURGe 

Corelight Labs works side-by-side with SURGe, Splunk’s security research group, to discover new attacks and find out how to stop them. Read the research here. 


Play Capture the Flag

Corelight is the one and only official partner for Boss of the SOC this year, and the game is live right now. Test your skills and have fun too! Learn more.

Discover more

Learn to threat hunt in Splunk

Threat hunting in Splunk

Joint Solution Brief

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Corelight x Splunk App

Download the Corelight app for Splunk Download here