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A smarter way to get 100% visibility

Smart PCAP is a highly efficient approach to packet capture that links logs, extracted files, and security insights with the packets that you need, giving you only what's necessary for investigations. This can dramatically reduce your storage costs while at the same time expanding retention times by a factor of ten. Plus, it makes working with packets far faster and easier.

Expand your window for investigation:

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smart-pcap-icons_SMART PCAP

Capture what counts

Stop capturing everything (like what you can't decrypt) and focus on what's critical for security operations.

smart-pcap-icons_90 DAYS

Months of packet retention

With up to 10x longer retention than full PCAP you can have the packets you've always wanted and spend far less.


One-click retrieval 

Access packets right from your SIEM through seamless integration into logs and alerts.


See how it works

Tired of spending all day tracking down the packets you need?
Watch this video to learn how one-click retrieval simplifies and speeds up the process.

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Watch the webcast

Learn more about how Smart PCAP can reduce costs while adding far more retention, while integrating directly into your SIEM workflows.

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